List of Accepted Papers (Total: 39) – Updated on 21st March 2018

Paper ID Paper Title
4 Role of Knowledge towards the Outcome of Information Systems Development Projects: Conceptual Framework
Emmanuel Samuel Mtsweni and Nehemiah Mavetera
6 Job Performance through Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Global Software Development Organizations
Rayhab Anwar, Mobashar Rehman, Khor Siak Wang and Rohani Salleh
10 Getting Places on Time: Smart Map Orientation Guide
Liang Chee Liang, Noor Azah Samsudin, Aida Mustapha and Mohd Helmy Abd Wahab
12 Neural Machine Translation for English to Hindi
Sandeep Saini and Vineet Sahula
13 Framework of Knowledge-Based System for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations using Data Mining Technique
Syahaneim Marzukhi, Nur Hidayah Mohammad Daud, Zuraini Zainol and Omar Zakaria
14 Communication Management in Global Software Development Projects
Yusmadi Yah Jusoh, Rozi Nor Haizan Nor, Bashar Amir Mahmood, Mustafa Thamir Wafeeq, Mohamed Abdullahi Ali and Muhammad Nur Baihaqi Jusoh
17 Comparision of Handcrafted Features and Deep Learning in Classification of Medical X-ray Images
Mohammad Reza Zare, David Olayemi Alebiosu and Sheng Long Lee 
18 Towards Developing a Comprehensive Business Intelligence Maturity Model for Malaysian Public Sector: Application of Mixed Methodology
Muhammad Harith Zahrullaili and Mohamad Fauzan Noordin
19 Mapping and Analyzing Process of Cloud-based Education as a service (CEaaS) Model for Cloud Computing Adoption in Higher Education Institutions
Yousef Abdulelah Mohammed Qasem, Rusli Abdullah, Rodziah Atan and Yusmadi Yah Jusoh
23 Durian Species Recognition System based on Global Shape Representations and K-Nearest Neighbors
Nyon Xin Yi, Mas Rina Mustaffa, Lili Nurliyana Abdullah and Nurul Amelina Nasharuddin
27 Sentiment-based Model for Recommender Systems
Nurul Aida Osman and Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah
28 A Review on Complex Event Processing Systems for Big Data
Tawsif K., J. Hossen, J. Emerson Raja, Jesmeen M. Z. H. and E. M. H. Arif
30 Information System Success and Knowledge Grid Integration in Facilitating Knowledge Sharing Among Big Data Community
Sara Hosseinioun, Rusli Abdullah, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh and Marzanah Jabar
31 Performance Evaluation of Distributed Indexing using Solr and Terrier Information Retrievals
Ali Y. Aldailamy, Nor Asilah Wati Abdul Hamid and Mohammed Abdulkarem
34 Institutional and Individual Triggers of Innovative Mindset in Knowledge Work
Aaro Hazak
35 Query Expansion in Information Retrieval for Urdu Language
Imran Rasheed and Haider Banka
36 Association between Logical Reasoning Ability and Quality of Relevance Judgments in Crowdsourcing
Parnia Samimi, Prabha Rajagopal and Sri Devi Ravana
37 Building the Classical Arabic Named Entity Recognition Corpus (CANERCorpus)
Ramzi Salah and Lailatul Qadri Zakaria
41 Evaluating Effectiveness of Concept Maps for Ontology Conceptualization: A Quantitative Study
Rizwan Iqbal, Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad, Abdul Attayyab Khan and Syed Rizwan Ali
42 An Automatic Image Tagging Based on Word Co-Occurrence Analysis
Ali Abdulraheem Abduljabbar and Lailatul Qadri Zakaria
43 Constructing a Knowledge Base for Al-Qur’an Utilizing Principles of Human Communication
Sharyar Wani, Tengku Mohd. Tengku Sembok and Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin
47 Effectiveness of Latent Dirichlet Allocation Model for Semantic Information retrieval on Malay Document
Nurul Syeilla Syazhween Zulkefli, Nurazzah Abdul Rahman, Mazidah Puteh and Zainab Abu Bakar
48 Aspect Extraction Performance with POS Tag Pattern of Dependency Relation in Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis
Ana Salwa Shafie, Nurfadhlina Mohd Sharef, Masrah Azrifah Azmi Murad and Azreen Azman
49 Automated Semantic Query Formulation for Document Retrieval
Rabiah Abdul Kadir, Rufai Aliyu Yauri and Azreen Azman
51 Improving the Accuracy in Classification using The Bayesian Relevance Feedback (BRF) Model
Fatihah Mohd, Masita Jalil, Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor and Zainab Abu Bakar
52 Investigation of Data Representation Methods with Machine Learning Algorithms for Biomedical Named Entity Recognition
Maan Tareq Abd, Masnizah Mohd and Mustafa Tareq Abd
55 Morphological Analysis of Malay Words for Resolving Ambiguity
Mohd Fuad Yahaya, Nurazzah Abd. Rahman and Zainab Abu Bakar
56 Surveillance Video Retrieval using Effective Matching Techniques
Fereshteh Falah Chamasemani, Lilly Suriani Affendey, Norwati Mustapha and Fatimah Khalid
57 Effective Predicate Identification Algorithm for XML Retrieval
Abubakar Roko, Shyamala Doraisamy and Bello Nakone
59 Analyzing Malay Stemmer Performance towards Fuzzy Logic Ranking Function on Malay Text Corpus
Shaiful Bakhtiar Rodzman, Mohamad Fitri Izuan Abdul Ronie, Normaly Kamal Ismail, Nurazzah Abd Rahman, Fatimah Ahmad and Zulhilmi Mohamed Nor
61 Utilizing AlexNet Deep Transfer Learning for Ear Recognition
Ali Abd Misreb, Nursuriati Jamil and N. Md Din
62 Functional Requirements for Creating Reliable Self-Screening Tests by Non-Developers
Ninie Sumarni Abdullah and Muthukkaruppan Annamalai
63 Effective Method for Sentiment Lexical Dictionary Enrichment based on Word2Vec for Sentiment Analysis
Eissa M. Alshari, Azreen Azman, Shyamala Doraisamy, Norwati Mustapha and Mostafa Alksher
65 Information Dissemination Model for Scholars on Cryptocurrencies: A Proposal
Ainin Soffia Husain and Roslina Othman
67 Expert Review on Big Data Analytics Implementation Model in Data-driven Decision-Making
Cecilia Adrian, Rusli Abdullah, Rodziah Atan and Yusmadi Yah Jusoh
69 Feasibility of Using the Position as Feature for Idea Identification from Text
Mostafa Alksher, Azreen Azman, Razali Yaakob, Rabiah Abdul Kadir, Abdulmajid Mohamed and Eissa Alshari
71 Enhancing Multi-aspect Collaborative Filtering for Personalized Recommendation
Nurkhairizan Khairudin, Nurfadhlina Mohd Sharef, Norwati Mustapha and Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah
72 A Review on Building Bilingual Comparable Corpora for Resource-limited Languages
Nurul Amelina Nasharuddin, Muhamad Taufik Abdullah, Azreen Azman and Rabiah Abdul Kadir
73 Understanding Human Sentence Compression Pattern for Malay Text Summarizer
Suraya Alias, Siti Khaotijah Muhammad, Gan Keng Hoon and Mohd Shamrie Sainin