Instruction for Camera Ready Paper Preparation and Submission

The following information is provided to help you with the preparation and submission of the camera ready paper before it can be published in the conference proceedings. The steps for successful submission are as follows:

Step 1 All camera ready paper must be in IEEE format. For MS Word, please use the US Letter (ZIP, 35KB Updated in May 2017) template. The maximum number of pages including figures, tables and references is six (6). Additional pages may be purchased for USD 50 per page for international participants or RM 200 for local participants. More information can be found in the Paper Submission page.
Step 2 The camera ready paper submission is linked to the registration.  At least one author must register and commit to pay the conference fee before uploading the paper.  Please go to the Registration page to complete the registration. There is a manual validation of the registration before the final submission is accepted.
Step 3 The camera ready paper must be submitted in IEEE Xplore-compatible Portable Document Format (PDF) as a single file.  Therefore, the paper should be certified by IEEE PDF eXpress, the IEEE’s online PDF file diagnostic tool.

    1. Click on the button below to log into the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus account.


  1. Click on the link “New Users – Click here” and fill in user’s information.  User needs to enter the conference ID, which is: 42316XP
  2. An email confirming the successful creation of the PDF eXpress Plus account will be sent to the user.  Once the account is created, the user can access the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus website.
  3. To begin, click on the “Create New Title” button, and enter the paper title. Next, click on the “Submit File for Checking or Converting” button before submitting either a MS Wordfile for conversion, or a PDF file for verification.  If there is a problem with the file, the user will receive an e-mail detailing the problem(s); otherwise, a confirmation of successful conversion or verification will be emailed with a copy of the converted/ verified IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file attached.

If troubles are encountered when creating or verifying the PDF file, please contact the IEEE Publications Support Centre.  Note: The PDF eXpress Plus is not a paper submission system. The author needs to rename and upload the certified IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file of the paper separately (see next step).

Step 4 Upload the certified IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file of the camera ready paper online through the EasyChair Conference Management system.  Use the user name and password that have been created previously to login.

Upload the revised/ final version of your camera ready paper.

Step 5 Complete the linked copyright transfer form with the Title of paper, Complete list of authors, Corresponding author’s signature and Date. If you filled out a printed form then scan the form and save it as a PDF file. Send the completed form to the Publication Chair via email.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the papers of the authors who have registered for the conference, paid the conference fee, uploaded the camera ready paper and submitted the copyright transfer form by 8 February 2018 will be included in the CAMP’18 conference proceedings.

Successful registration and the acceptance of the final submission will be acknowledged via email to the designated corresponding author.  The printed receipt of the conference fee will be issued at the time of the conference.

If you have any question, please contact the CAMP’18 secretariat.